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Website was developed for the blind and visually impaired.

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Our volunteers are key players and essential to the continued success of Sight into Sound. They're a diverse group of people who are committed to providing access to written materials for the visually impaired.  Volunteers must be 18 or older.  



The majority of our volunteers serve as readers. To become a volunteer reader, you must first pass an audition which is reviewed by a panel of listeners and seasoned volunteers. Those who pass are assigned as a radio program reader or a custom reader. Radio program readers are expected to volunteer on a weekly basis (except for vacations, etc) while custom readers may have a more flexible assignment.

While our environment is very casual and congenial, reading is a fairly solitary assignment as you will be in a recording booth.

If you're interested in volunteering. please call, 713 622 2767, Sight into Sound to schedule an interview and learn more about our organization. Thank you!!!

"I love reading. Before I go into a booth I think about the clients for whom I'm recording and feel so thankful to be able to provide them the novel, newspaper, bible study notes, recipes, or whatever they've requested. This service is so personally rewarding."

-Katie S., volunteer reader

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Policy:  Offices are closed when HISD closes due to weather